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Volunteering at CCA

Whether young or old, in or out of work, you could help serve the people of Reading in many practical ways.
Just a few hours a week can make a huge difference, easing the workload on our personnel and reaching out to people in your local community.

We need volunteers to help serve in the shops, to train as assessors in the Support Centres. Van drivers and able-bodied crew members are needed to collect and deliver furniture.

The following skills are always needed:

Administration, IT, painting, decorating, plumbing, electrical work, Public Relations and Human Resources.

Would you be prepared to offer your time on an ad hoc basis as and when needed?

Board of Trustees: Have you ever considered becoming a Trustee? Do you have skills you could offer to the board: finance, business management, HR, IT, retail law?

Thank you to all our volunteers. You are the ones who make it possible for us to help people in need, in and around Reading.

We have volunteering opportunities
in all parts of the charity.

Charity Shops:

  • sorting donated goods

  • displaying items in shop

  • working on the tills

Support Centre:

  • providing a listening ear

  • helping those in need access furniture supplies

  • providing emergency supplies

  • signposting other sources of help and advice

Furniture Shop

  • Assisting with selling

  • Moving and display of furniture

  • Cleaning of premises and furniture

  • Repair and assembly of furniture

  • Van drivers and crew to collect and deliver furniture

Warehousing and Vehicles

  • Van drivers and crew to collect and deliver furniture


General office duties - filing, answering phones etc

Cheque writing

Updating spreadsheets

Preparing mailouts

Volunteer with Us
Which days are you available?

Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! We'll get back to you soon.

Some of the benefits of volunteering include making new friends, using your time to help people in your community, gaining feelings of pride and accomplishment through learning new skills, and the overall satisfaction of making a difference.

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