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 Electrical Appliances Project

in partnership with

The Need 

For a long time, the number of households in Reading moving into accommodation where there is no furniture and no electrical appliances has been increasing. CCA supports households with short term emergency provisions, furniture and bedding/kitchen starter packs principally from items donated to the organisation. During the Covid -19 lock down the demand for our services has increased significantly.


Through our partnership with agencies in Reading we try to facilitate the provision of white goods appliances which are not supplied from stock and take some days to arrive. Households are often rehoused at very short notice, and this delay causes them to be left for several days without the means to cook meals or heat water for a hot drink. We try to give them donated kettles, toasters and hobs which we check and PAT test but our supply is very limited. So, although we can give them tea/coffee and food for quick and easy meals sometimes they are unable to use these supplies.


The Rotary Club Matins Partnership 

With the support of Reading Rotary Club Matins Covid -19 Project we will be able to supply kettles, toasters and counter top twin hobs to our clients so they will have them when they move into their accommodation. Not only will they have a home, furniture, bedding and kitchen essentials, but also the means to have hot meals and drinks without the delay.


​CCA is delighted to have this opportunity to work with the Reading Rotary Club administering this project which will directly improve the lives of many households in Reading over the next 12 months.  We offer our grateful thanks to all the members of the Rotary Club who have made this possible.

The Project is administered through our normal Support Centre assessment procedures via ph: 01189 512 337 or

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