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Prayer and Praise

At the start of each working day, staff and volunteers at every site within CCA gather together for a short period of devotion and prayer, seeking God's inspiration and strength to carry out his work.

Once a month all the organisation comes together for a Prayer and Praise meeting.  We have a short reading from the bible and a short talk on how it applies to us as individuals and to CCA as a whole. We sing and pray together for the needs of people we know are in trouble, and for the needs of the charity.

Above all we enjoy a time of fellowship...and tea, coffee and croissants!

We thank God for:

•Our volunteers who are truly amazing!

•Our donors: we are extremely grateful to those of you who donate your time, your money, your goods and your prayers.

We couldn't do this without you!

...Do your work, not for mere pay, but from a real desire

to serve. 

Do not try to rule over those who have been put in your care, but be examples

to the flock.

1 Peter 5: 2-3 GNT

We ask God for:

•God's inspiration, wisdom and guidance

•God's continued provision. We have expanded   our services 

•Unity throughout the organisation.
•More volunteers to work at CCA.


            We couldn't do this without Him!

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