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What we do

CCA is a Christian Social Enterprise that seeks to demonstrate God’s love by achieving financial, emotional, spiritual and environmental sustainability for individuals, communities and the environment in Reading and surrounding areas.


CCA is driven by the desire to see God’s Kingdom on earth, we are an ecumenical christian organisation and we partner with churches from many denominations and we welcome people of all faiths and none.

Our desire is for CCA to be:

  • A place where God is honoured through our words and actions

  • A place where all people, clients, customers, donors, volunteers and staff are treated with dignity and respect

  • A place where practical help can be found

  • A place where Christian compassion can be found

  • A place where Christians of different traditions are enabled to work together in order to reach out to the community

  • A place where our environment is cared for through the promotion of reuse, repair and recycling and promoting sustainable living.

  • A place where people can find support to overcome barriers to employment through training, work placments and building confidence.

We seek to reflect the Christian faith in all that we say, do or give,

and we ask all our volunteers and staff to respect that as the ethos of CCA.

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