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You helped us buy a new van!!

By Spring 2021 we were able to purchase our long awaited new van having raised a whopping £20,000 from donors and supporters. If you were one of them - thank you so much.

Having two vans enables us to collect and deliver more items for people locally and we are really excited to have this van. Look out for our van crews around the streets of Reading and give us a wave if you can!!

Why is it necessary?

Mobile Emergency Response Team

During the lockdowns in 2020 and 2021 we were able to keep one van operating with a reduced crew of two. Our Support Centre and Warehouse teams worked from home to co-ordinate our activities principally delivering  emergency beds, starter packs and food parcels to households in need.

In 2021 we made 459 trips to collect 2153 items which we then used to help 459 people with furniture and household items as well as 112 food parcels, 72 kitchen packs, 85 bedding packs and 85 nursery items.


CCA collects and delivers furniture and other items from properties in and around Reading. These items are used to help our clients and to furnish the stock for our furniture shop in Northumberland Avenue.


To do this we normally use two 3.5 Luton box vans. However, we have had to take our VW crafter van off the road as it has failed its MOT after the lockdown, and it is not considered economic to repair it.

This was a difficult decision which has had a major impact on our warehouse vehicle operations.  Before the lockdown we would run two vans 4 or 5 days a week; each van doing between 4 and 8 deliveries or collections per day.

With only one van we have lost half our capacity to collect from donors or deliver to clients and customers.  We are currently using hire vans for one or two days each week to ease the workload on our remaining van and crew.

Although our crews are working extremely hard we are finding that deliveries are delayed and we are restricted in what we can collect due to the lack of delivery capacity,

In 2019 we collected

3466 items from 723 donors,

and delivered 2618 items

to over 750 customers and clients.​

To date in 2020

we have collected

2193 items from 457 donors,

and delivered 1933 items

to over 500 customers and clients.​

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